Track By Tracks: Dead Exaltation - Despondent (2021)

Section 1 – Events in the prison

Gloom – Gloom encapsulates the sound of the prison, the horror and the pain faced by the innocent people forcefully imprisoned under such dreadful circumstances. It describes the environment with a background thumping noise which is a representation of a tired prisoner hoping for some relief

Involuntary Emasculation - A prisoner who is beaten into pulp is dragged into a huge chamber and is thrown into a concrete table. Besides him are a couple of surgical instruments lying and the surgeon is going to perform castration upon him without giving anesthesia. The entire procedure is monitored by the warden from a higher level. The surgeon performs the castration which is followed by the blood flooding everywhere and then the prisoner is thrown to a corner to survive/die. The pain in the eyes of the innocent prisoners satisfies the soul of the warden as he gives sickening smile.

Coerced Sewer Ingest - A malnourished prisoner who has not been fed for a long to an extent that his rib cage is visible screams for food. The prison guards drag him to the prison sewage dumping site and force his face into the pipe that is dumping the sewage waste into the lake. The prisoner ends up swallowing excreta and his esophagus and stomach starts burning. He is taken back to the prison and is thrown into his cell to die with the burn inside.

Section 2 – The mind of the warden

The Conversation – This is an interlude between an old prisoner who has been in the prison since the start and a newly brought in person. The new prisoner is in shock as he doesn’t understand why he is being held captive and why he has to suffer. The old prisoner tries to explain him that the suffering has just begun and there is more to follow.

The Psychology - This song talks about the psychology of the warden. Every prisoner that is brought into the prison is first stabbed with his 'kalis' into one of their eye as he believes everyone should have one vision and see it through one eye. The action reminds him of the time when he was subjected to such brutality while his daughter was killed right in front of him.

The Transformation - This song talks about the transformation of the main character of our concept album, 'the warden of the prison' from an innocent, pure at heart person to a wild, disillusioned and a chaotic one. Molded into a psychotic one and full of vengeance, the song describes the extremities of human emotions and how it processes them under such conditions. The was thrown into a chamber along with another innocent being after his daughter was killed. They were not fed with food which made their minds go so maniacal that he grabs the other being in the room by the neck and pulls the entire neck out of the body and starts eating the raw meat. He then goes on a killing spree and goes on to kill everyone who were responsible for his situation.

Section 3 – The escape of a prisoner and detectives finding the prison.

Omnia Mors Aequat - This song is a story about a prisoner who manages to escape from the dreadful prison only to face the ultimate dilemma of freedom and survival. Constant anxiety of being followed and caught by the prison guards, the prisoner melts down in his thoughts and tries to save a few clues just in case he had to face the ultimatum. The guards eventually find his hideout, smash through the door and force themselves upon them. They kill the prisoner, eats him and leaves blood everywhere.

In pursuit of – After the incident with the escaped prisoner, the detectives get a hold of the case and try to analyze the death. They scrutinize the crime scene for clues only to be tipped by a someone about a prison being run privately. A couple of detectives follow the tip and end up in an old dilapidated prison. As they walk into the prison, they see people behind caged with one eye bleeding and crying for help. They then notice a few more people (guards of the prison) coming out of the dark.

Despondent (The album artwork story) – As the detectives see a few guards approaching them, a few of them try to escape only to be attacked and pounded by the guards, killed and eaten alive (Check out the left side of the artwork behind the main character’s knife cover). The other detectives shocked to see such a horrific incident happening in front of them stand still only to see the warden come out of the dark and ordering his guards to tie two of the prisoners (The two characters on the right on their knees). The warden then approaches the other remaining detective, strips him off, takes his kalis and stabs it in the genitals of the detective. He then drags his kalis all the way up to the throat with all the organs coming out of the detective like a moth from its cocoon. The remaining two surviving prisoners realize that there is no end to it and accepts their fate.

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