Track By Tracks: DR. SCHAFAUSEN - Waiting For Tomorrow (2021)

1. Schafausen’s Dilemma:

The world has changed many times, and it’s changing again. The mood I’ve been in has sparked strong feelings such as fear, anger, and depression. Fear comes up when thinking about the future and when we sense a threat, anger is brought by an inner nervousness, and depression is stoked by having a pessimist vision on the emergency outcomes. These feelings threw me in a dystopian frame of mind, something anguishing and confusing just as our future will likely be. Our undesired society is dystopia to the point of being terrifying. The spreading of the virus has increased the agony caused by the inevitable and traumatizing socio-politic changes.

This state of mind implies the growing of our alienation due to something implacable conditioning our freedom. I tried to replicate these feelings with hallucination-like sounds, which could represent our dystopian society. Our mind, when pierced as such, projects our innermost repressed thoughts, a forced selection of contradictory hallucinations. This domesticated delirium is at the base of our personality: chaos is just a result of the selection we impose to our hallucinations. The effort of getting from chaos to reason involves psychic energy expense, a frail outcome, and a state of alert. These atmospheres are aimed at nullifying these efforts, negating “know yourself” originary precept. Our splittable identity, articulated in multiple components, is reinvigorated by this atmosphere which manages to unify all the alternating personalities, encoding the mind in favour of the mind and its spiritual element.

It only remains for me to wish you a pleasant journey.

2. My Beautiful Girl:

My beautiful girlfriend was suffering from a mental illness and heavy depressions back in the eighties and took her own life in 1989 at the age of just 24. Today I was going through my old record collection and found a little paper inside The Cure’s Disintegration album sleeve. It was an old handwritten note by her with some drawings. Beautiful painted red and purple flowers, many little hearts with my name written a hundred times and the words: ‘there was nothing in the world that I ever wanted more than to feel you deep in my heart’. I immediately searched on Google and found out it are words to this song. I listened to it all morning. I got so close to her today because of this song. These words describe how she felt, how ill she was. How she struggled with being alive. But it also finally tells me how much I was wanted and how much she wanted to stay with me and see me with her for all life. I am sure she listened to this song a thousand times. She is my hero and she is free now. This afternoon I visited her grave and brought her red and purple flowers. I also gave her back her Disintegration album wrapped up in plastic, close to her where it belongs. The note is in my closet forever. Sorry, but the boys sometimes cry.

3. Waiting For Tomorrow:

It’s hard to talk about waiting because based on what you expect, it can be positive or negative. In fact, there are many different types of waiting, each characterized by its own state of mind. Sometimes waiting is good, other times it is a sentence and you don’t have the courage to act. The most important thing is to understand when it is worth waiting and when instead you need to take action. What is your idea? Do you like to wait for what happens or do you prefer to have everything in hand and take action? Every night I went to sleep without turning off my cell phone. The next morning I saw that there had been no calls and I was saddened. The mood turned black, and another day of waiting began. Waiting for something that will never come, tomorrow never comes.

4. Can’t Get The Best of Me:

The feeling of loneliness. A person has desires, thoughts, and dreams but unfortunately has to live them alone. A partner cannot see nor know. I lacked something of her, now she is distressed, sad she can’t do anything but a dream. She can’t get the best of me.

5. Transient Parasites:

At the beginning of the story, the protagonist Gregor Samsa wakes up one morning to find himself transformed into a huge insect. The cause of this mutation is never revealed. The whole rest of the story tells of the attempts made by the young man to try to adapt as much as possible to this new and very particular condition, especially when regarding his parents, sister, and his employer. He cries: “Am I damned forever? Is it all in my head? Why was I convicted?

6. Crypto Violence:

Violence on social media: identikit of “keyboard lions”. Social media have created particular behaviors that manifested differently in the past. Current communication has specific characteristics, such as exceptional speed and at the same time privacy protection and anonymity; this has composed a pool to which everyone can have access but revealing only certain aspects of itself. The exercise of criticism takes place on the web in a particular way. In it, individuals express their real aggression. The social network becomes a ring in which to vent every ailment, therefore invincible and frustrating, in a society evaluated as opposed to if not even responsible for its feared ineffectiveness, in unbridled competitiveness. It is in these cases that the keyboard lion not only manifests a normal dissent but dresses the anger of those who are wounded by the loneliness that they cannot tame or distinguish. Currently, in a society dominated by uncertainty, unemployment, and economic precariousness, media share news on violent events (sexual, physical, or psychological). These are not limited to manifesting aggressive or violent behaviors but show and disseminate such behaviors, as if they were trophies, through videos or images on mobile phones or social networks.

7. 2127:

The song explains the similarity between rock artists who died at age 27 and rap/trap artists who died at age 21. The lyrics DO NOT incite death but try to be educational and make clear how easy it is for people to identify with false values.

Age 21
Juice Wrld
Cry Lipso
Lil Peep
Nick Blixky
Age 27
Kurt Cobain
Amy Winehouse
Jimi Hendrix
Janis Joplin
Jim Morrison
Brian Jones
Robert Johnson

The young rapper’s death is the latest in a frightening trend that has plagued the hip-hop world since late 2017, with a number of high-profile stars dying, almost all of whom were aged 20 or 21. Many of these young artists were rappers who came up through the online music service Soundcloud, and many but not all of the deaths were related to drugs. Been comparing this troubling spate of deaths to the so-called “27 club” of rockstars who all died at that age, except this time the artists are even younger.

8. I Will Never Live in Silence:

My doctorate in audiology sciences and my profession as a university lecturer in subjects such as cochlear implants and pediatric deafness also engage me in various seminars dedicated to hearing protection for musicians. I’m studying tinnitus impairment, and for this reason, I have written a song dedicated to all the people with this sensation of noise that is typically caused by a bodily condition and usually is a subjective phenomenon that can only be heard by the one affected. Many tinnitus scales are available, but all of them have certain limitations. The aim of my study Is to present psychometric data of a new reliable questionnaire that could be conveniently used for evaluating tinnitus complaints with related audiometry of tinnitus.

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