Track By Tracks: Illusory - Crimson Wreath (2021)

1. Besetting Sins:

This is our first single and lyric video, released on February 12, 2021. It is an up-tempo song that speaks about the seven deadly sins, focusing on the sin, which was called “Acedia” in ancient Greece. During pre- production we had many ideas on how to progress the song and the musical parts came easier than we thought. We believe that it will be the opener for our gigs, promoting the album.

2. Acedia:

This was recorded as the outro of “Besetting Sins”, but due to the variation involving classic, acoustic guitars and piano, we decided to have it as a separate track. It is a beautiful instrumental with a narration by a fine guest. You will find out who he is upon release time.

3. Crimson Wreath:

The title track of the album is an anti-war song, speaking about the vile things war causes. It is a mid-tempo song. We had fun rehearsing and recording this one. The whole pattern of this song was something we haven’t done in the two previous albums. From the middle section of the song, and up to the finale, there is a guitar “war” with a great solo by Greg and guitar harmonies. We think that the fans will enjoy this a lot!

4. Immortal:

No A song with a similar lyrical theme to “Crimson Wreath”. Another up- tempo song with the guitars and Dee’s vocal melodies in the front line. We believe this is also a song that should be performed live, due to the catchy chorus melody and the great guitar solos.

5. All Shall Fade:

This is the intro to “All Blood Red”. It had the same story as “Acedia”. We decided to make it a separate track instead of having it in one song, due to the musical variation of the following track.

6. All Blood Red:

This is the second lyric video of the album. It is to be released on April 9, 2021. A song with an anti-racist theme and video. It is the only song off the album that we have performed in previous gigs, in raw editions every time. The reaction of the fans was astonishing, even though they have never heard it before. It is a straightforward song with great rhythm sections, melody lines and guitars!

7.The Voice Inside Me:

This is the intro to “S.T. Forsaken”. It is a narration about the next chapter of the Steven Towers saga, which began in “The Ivory Tower”, our concept debut album and continued with the song “Polysyllabic Thoughts” from our sophomore album “Polysyllabic”.

8 .S.T. Forsaken:

The saga of Steven Towers continues in this one. Lyrically it refers to a man that had everything and went to have nothing and then tried to make his comeback. Musically it features one of Costas’ best drum performances. For us, this is the song that is the most progressive on this album. It has beat changes and many variations musically.

9. Ashes To Dust:

This is the epic song of the album. The theme is about the story of Achilles and the Myrmidons. It will be our official video clip with a very special guest that has done a narration part on this song. A trivia for this song is that there is a guitar/keys solo in unison in the middle section!

10. A Poem I Couldn’t Rhyme:

Another straightforward song, with a verse bass line that Niki performed so well that we had to have the first verse without guitars!

George had written some lyrics with that title, and we thought that it was a very catchy and good arrangement, so we composed the music and then we altered the lyrics to the current theme, which speaks about loneliness.

An Opus of Loss and Sorrow:

During the past years, members of ILLUSORY lived loss of family members. The following three songs are about those losses.

11. Past Forever Last:

The power ballad of the album. Acoustic guitars and melodies are the main characteristics of this song. The lyrics are about the loss of Dee’s grandparents. 

12. The Isle of Shadows:

This is the most melodic song on the album. Lyrics speak about the loss of George’s mother and her beloved place of birth. The island of Tinos, Greece. 

13. Agony’s Last:

A song that started by our former keyboardist and still a very good friend of ours, George Konstantakelos. It is a song based on guitar harmonies and very strong lyrics about a loss that George suffered.

14. Fortress Of Sadness:

The closing track of the album is the longest one, as it happened in both our previous albums. A very strong lyrical theme that cauterizes child molestation and abuse, which is something that we all detest. Musically it fits perfectly in the whole style of the album and the use of choirs is something that made us all love this one even more.

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