Track By Tracks: MYRHOLT - ...sjelebot... (2021)

The title means ‘’something that is good for the soul’’ and the artwork reflects that. The photo was taken on a minor hike at home in the middle of January 2021.

1. De Skjaerer Dype Saar I Vaar Jord:

Is a sigh of hopelessness from witnessing our nature being destroyed by capitalistic forces.

2. Blod Er Liv, Pust Er Sjel:

Is an incentive to make people listen to the nature and seek to their roots.

3. Til Hinnoms Dal:

Defines the foul stench of religion and the concern of its history repeating itself.
Is a declaration of love for my beautiful fiancée and guiding star. She is my Hamingja.

5. Morgenstjernen:

Is a description of life on our farm and a statement on how I wish to be treated when I’m dead.

6. Foelg Dyret Inn I Moerket:

Describes the concern of dying and the curiousity of what it will be like.

7. Saa Odioes, Saa Motbydelig, Som Satans Soenn I Menneskeham:

Is a shout-out to all those who died by the hands of religious jurisdiction.

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