Track By Tracks: PSYCHO VISIONS - Our Own (2021)

1. Mirrors:

A piece about the fact that in other people we often see a reflection of ourselves - our ambitions, goals, successes and failures. And that these "mirrors" are all around us, it is not always possible to look away from them, even though we would often like to.

2. Two Sides:

There are two sides to everything, and we are often torn between them. We choose one of them, even when we shouldn't, and we are often proud of the wrong choice, even when we become aware of it. We are stuck with it out of our own stubbornness and unwillingness to admit our mistakes.

3. Everywhere yet Nowhere:

The text is about that we do not have our place, that we are everywhere briefly, inaccurately, quickly.

That we can meet other people everywhere, but usually we cannot actually be anywhere.

4. Hectic Gallop:

A crazy gallop that accompanies us in our daily lives, an eternal rush that never ends. This is the theme of this piece. We often skip signs, even regardless of their value, because we're running too fast.

5. Conjurer:

A song about someone who can give us everything we want, but at too high price, which he will ask for with full premeditation.

6. Inertia:

A song about inertia that accompanies us in life. We often do something unknowingly, without much thought, due to momentum. We do not fight stupor because it is comfortable. It makes our lives easier by turning off deeper analysis.

7. Place to Crawl:

A text about the sick requirements that others set before us, impossible to fulfill. At the same time, about conscious retreat, about the fear of meeting even possible requirements, about the fact that it is more convenient to be in second place when you see someone in front of you than to take his place and lead others.

8. Feed Me:

A song about people who can be called energy vampires. Which need our energy, our life, to be able to experience theirs. Because they are too weak, or for calculation - indifferent, but they need an external stimulus, another human being, to act. The people in question will adore and glorify their "host" because they parasite on it.

General theme of "Our Own":

Lyrically, the album is a commentary to the phenomena that everyone encounters in life. It is the name and definition of situations in which we come to function. Difficult social relationships, internal experiences, toxic interactions with the environment. Naming them, taming them, is to help all the people involved in it find themselves in it.

Psycho Visions philosophy:

The band follows the idea of creative freedom, breaking old patterns. Musically, we create what is natural for us, which creates a mix of four people making a band. We don't want to limit ourselves by any genre. Our goal is to create varied, unique music to give the listener something to identify with that reflects the complexity of the personality as such. Life and people are not one-dimensional, and this is what we want to convey in music. We believe that audience deserve to devote ourselves, our time and creativity to create something that will not be secondary, monotonous and boring. In the lyrical layer, we name phenomena from the surrounding reality. We avoid abstract topics, we look in directions that are familiar to everyone. We focus on what is happening inside and outside of a person - in his psyche and in relations with others and the surrounding world. We want to show that many people go through similar things, and by naming them, we make it easier to deal with what is often difficult.

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