Track By Tracks: REALITY GREY - Beneath This Crown (2021)

1. Legion:

An orchestral intro with some Orwellian-like speech

2. Fade In Fear:

Fast, razor-sharp riffs with a melodic chorus and light-speed guitar solos. Groovy. 

3. Kings Of Nothing:

A groovy and brutal intro with crazy riffs, gives way to a “spacey” interlude with a fusion guitar solo.

4. Preachers Of Hatred:

The most brutal song of the album. Slayerish intro gives way to a groovy and jazzy pre-chorus. Insane drumming and a very heavy finale.

5. Daybreakers:

Progressive riffing in the intro, the double bass goes in unison with the guitars, vocals a-la Meshuggah, super spacey chorus with clean vocals. A nice progressive bridge takes the song to a very melodic fusion guitar solo.

6. Powerblast:

Very groovy song, guitars and drums are a monolithic wall of sound. Evil riffs in the final part. Brutal.

7. Multidimensional Hollow:

The most progressive song on the album. Very melodic and complex with light fast guitar solos and an epic finale.

8. The Fury:

Groovy and fast. It starts with a riff a la Breaking Benjamin that results in a old school hardcore chorus.

9. Dreaming (Feat. Milly Florio of End Of Skyline):

Intro Pantera style, the verse, and the chorus are completed with the amazing voice of Milly Florio from the band End Of Skyline that perfectly matches the brutality of Tommy’s voice. The dreamy final part will urge you to listen to the song again. A very experimental tune.

10. Reascent:

Progressive riffing in the intro gives way to an HC verse and chorus. Very evil bridge before the guitar solo.

11. Beneath This Crown:

The title track has different feels, super thrashy at the beginning, doomy special and crazy guitar solos.

12. Indelible Stains:

Super heavy intro guitars and drums makes a wall of sound. The lyrics on the song are some of our favourite ever.

13. The Void:

This song has a metalcore feel, clean vocals chorus and huge breakdowns.

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