Track By Tracks: Snær - Frozen Alchemy (2021)

Snaer has always been about embracing the frozen aspects of Maine and its arcane ties to the viking world of old. Secrets that were passed to and from the native Americans and the Scandinavian explores that has been hidden in conventional history.

Black Stain is about a Maine legend of Colonel Buck. Colonel Buck was a prominent figure in the 1700s when Maine was a frontier of settled towns and native American tribes. Buck founded the town of Bucksport, a place that has had a history of evil goings ons. The legend is his mistress was a witch who learned secret powers from the native shaman on how to revive and control frozen evil spirits by transmuting into a coyote. Snaer has learned this magick and as seen on the cover of “Frozen Alchemy” the Alchemist wears a coyote headdress.

Maine has a large coastline and long standing ties to the sea. Mariners have seen and told tales of Ghouls that rise from the sea to devour unsuspecting mariners on watch in the night. A Sea Ghoul is drawn to the Alchemist's invocations and can be seen creeping up on the shore on the album cover.

Black Bear Mauling is not represented on the album cover, but the Black Bear is a common animal of Maine's forest and usually not a threat to humans, but there are a few stories of black bears attacking people and this song is about one such story.

Endless suffering is not really represented on the album either, although the Alchemist must endure endless suffering to reach the goal of Frozen Alchemy, the Philosopher's Stone.

Frozen Alchemy is the core of Snaer. Only by the practice of the secret arts of this cold form of alchemy can the Philosopher's Stone be acquired. Once this powerful thematic achievement is obtained, Snaer will use it's power to exterminate the human race.

Snaer means the personification of snow in old Norse. This is illustrated on the cover.

March to the OVENS!!!! is the rally call of Snaer. It is not illustrated in the cover art, but our belief that the human race is the true abomination on this planet and needs to be eliminated in the core of our philosophy, and March to the Ovens is the sequel to the song which is on our demo, To The OVENS!!!

We choose to cover Bathory's The Return because Bathory is one of the Father's of Black Metal and we pay homage to them with our rendition of the song. Lyrically it is about sorcery and damnation, which fits Snaer's overall persona.

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