Track By Tracks: Valfreya - Promised Land (2021)

The entire album is a story, each song representing a different chapter if you will.

1. Horizon: 

Just an orchestral intro was written by Corinne, that switches into Odin's Fury intro

2. Odin's Fury: 

In the lyrics, Odin is mad that some Vikings try to live without the gods and take faith in their own hands.  They picture an exchange of ideas between them.  Both the lyrics and the music were written by Corinne.  Some minor adjustments were made to the guitars, but they mainly remained the same and Jérémy adjusted the drum parts to his liking.  The man's growls you hear throughout the song are from Karhu, our guitar player at the time.  They basically represent Odin and the answers from the Vikings are Corinne's doing.  They are a bit higher in pitch and can be recognized that way, for the most part.

3. Mortal Supremacy: 

The song was written first amongst all the songs on the album (probably like 4 years before the album came out).  Our bassist at the time had friends in the wrestling business and they wanted a metal song for an opening to one of their events if memory serves.  The bassist started writing the bass lines and the guitars were added by Daniel.  Originally, the song was way more stripped down and simpler.  The guitar parts were changed many times over to the final product.  The lyrics were written by Daniel and they talk about the Vikings defying the gods and basically telling them they're not needed, hence Odin's Fury.  The process is also one of the reasons the song is so short, compared to other songs we've written.

4. Pandemonium:

Music was mostly written by Corinne, except the middle part that was a guitar taping riff by Karhu (he wrote the 2 guitars and bass taping part as well).  That passage is like the eye of the storm, as the song describes a Kraken being released by Odin onto the viking ships and destroying everything in its wake, even eating some men in the process.  The lyrics by Corinne describe this scene.

5.The icelanding sagas:

This is simply an interlude and was written by Corinne, lyrics included.  It's the narrator of the story, talking about the main character of the story.  The vocal parts were recorded by Karhu, once again.  It's really fitting, as he has a pretty deep voice when he wants to.

6. Shame and Despair:

This song was entirely written by Daniel (both guitars and orchestrations).  Drums were written by Jérémy and bass by our bassist Arbic. The lyrics were written by Corinne and Arbic. The song has quite a few variations in it, to represent the different mood swings by Erik the red, following the massacre of his men by the Kraken. The acoustic guitar intro is like the calm after everything that went down, and the few remaining Vikings gather on an island.  He's questioning whether he should've led his men to their deaths like that and takes the burden on his shoulders.

7. Peuple du Nord:

Our first french song!  The music is very Quebec folk music inspired by that violin part. Entirely written by Corinne, lyrics included.  Erik's men continue their journey and finally find new land:  America.

8. Promised Land: 

Orchestral parts and music were written by Corinne.  Both guitar parts were written by Daniel.  The first solo is by Daniel, the second one by Karhu.  Lyrics were written by Corinne.  This song reflects the happiness and excitement of finding new land, after everything that transpired.  Wonder at what lies beyond the next hill, in the next forest, etc...  That is why the song has this more “upbeat” melody.  Very reminiscent of earlier folk metal bands. Can recognize Arkona-like sounds and choices of chords.

9. The Choice:

Song was started by using guitar parts written by Daniel for one of his previous projects. Corinne added some orchestrations on top of it all and we get The Choice.  Lyrics were written by Corinne and Arbic. 

10. Warlords:

Music by Corinne (including guitars, although some slight alterations were made on the rhythm parts).  Lyrics by Corinne as well.  Very catchy song, with an epic melody.  It's a powerful song, similar to what “Confront Immensity” was on our first album, “Path to Eternity”.

11. Evolution:

Entirely written by Karhu, orchestrations, bass, and drums included.  Some orchestral parts were added by Corinne later.  Lyrics were written by Arbic.  This is the summary of the story of the album, as recounted by a seer.

12. Undying Tale:

Outro piece that was entirely written by Arbic, many years ago, even before he joined Valfreya.

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