Track By Tracks: VARANG NORD - Pārķiuņa Uomurs (2021)

1.“Pi Tuoļim Krostym” (“To the Distant Shores”):

Instrumental intro in the best traditions of genre, epic and spirit-lifting, setting up the action to come. It was created in cooperation with talented Latvian composer Yuri Borin, who’s also responsible for all orchestral arrangements on this album. This collaboration brought to our music more epic, even cinematographic elements, which suit it very well!

2.“Stuojīs!” (“Get Up!”):

Song, that can be called game-changing for us. Our first ever song with lyrics written on Latgalian language. It was released as a single even before we’ve started recording the album, and shows cultural and language changeover in our music. Battle anthem, summoning and motivating!

3.“Cīņis Gors” (“Battle Spirit”):

This one is about long hard conquering trips overseas Northmen have been involved in. Tells the story from first-person view about upcoming storm of another coastal town. Typical Varang Nord battle song, that’s why it’s been chosen as a pre-album single with the music video, that captures as we think our strongest side – live performances.

4.“Pārķiuņa Uomurs” (“Perkons’ Hammer”):

The main character of this song is Pērkons, god of thunder in Baltic culture, and his main weapon – thunder, as an evident simbol of unshakeable power of the nature, that can’t be controlled by any human being. Musically this song is close to melodic death metal, and it’s probably one of the most diverse and technical songs we’ve written so far. And defo one of our favourites!

5.“Dzeļža Ryuda” (“Iron Ore”):

It’s a story about people, who’s mining the iron ore in times long before industrial mining was created. Lyrics was inspired by the music of this song itself, groovy mid-tempo guitar riffs and accented drum beat are creating the dark atmosphere of hard monotone physical work.

6.“Svietņeica” (“Sanctuary”):

When nature is a temple, a sanctuary and a cult. A Place and in the same time an Object of worshipping, that’s the main idea. This song initially is very untypical for us, and we’ve decided to make it as more unusual as it’s possible, that’s why there are female lead vocals in the foreground and pompous epic orchestral parts in the climax.

7.“Uperiešona” (“Sacrificing”):

Originally song “Sacrifice for the Old Gods”, which title speaks itself, was released on our debut album “Fire of the North” in 2014, and since that it was played at major part of our live shows. Eventually we re-worked it a bit, added some parts, diversified the arrangement, wrote Latgalian lyrics and re-recorded it for the new album.

8.“Syt pa Seji” (“Punch Them!”):

In every VARANG NORD album there is a room for irony and a good banter. This song, straightforward as it’s name, tells story about the man, who’s under the influence of some “natural” stimulants ready to “go berserk” in any harmless everyday situation. It’s like an anthem to unnecessary agression, ha-ha! Will work on a live shows perfectly!

9.“Troļļs” (“Troll”):

Another ironic song about the clash between humans and forest trolls with not many mental capacities) Musically it is classical metal-humppa with leading accordion and blastbeats. Partly this is our little tribute to lagendary finnish band FINNTROLL, that was a huge inspiration for us many years ago.

10.“Karaveiri” (“Warriors”):

Ok, we back to some serious stuff. Reflection about Warrior’s path and it’s role in the world. One of our favourite songs, with a catchy chorus and inspiring musical culmination in the end. Perfect final not only for the album, but for the live shows as well.

11.“Ceļš da Sātai” (“Road Back Home”):

Acoustic instrumental coda full of beautiful harmonies, perfect two minutes to think out and comprehend your feeling and emotions about the whole album.

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