Track By Tracks: Wych - Agony (2021)

1. Lesser Key:

The lyrical theme for this song is derived from The Lesser Key Of Solomon's Vine. The song is written based on the premise of giving into temptation. Musically, one of the heavier and more aggressive songs on the EP. Thus, why we chose for it to be the opening track.

2. Alone/Adrift:

The track is about being lost in an "Ocean of guilt" and finding the way to overcome it. Being stuck in a place of sorrow and finding a light to hold on to in the darkest of times. This track is very progressive compared to the rest of the EP it goes from a heavy array of grooves to a melody driven chorus that bring you to an emotional, crushing breakdown.

3. Amber:

Written about the eternity of death. Amber is about the sacrifices that you need to make in order to preserve your own existence. A mellow track with a heavy breakdown that transformed over the years, the first track to be written for the EP.

4. Bones:

Bones is about the state of the world and political divide, a lack of human empathy when it comes to societal differences. With non-stop strong and agressive grooves, this song was the debut single for Wych.

5. 1894:

Based on HH Holmes' Murder Castle this song is written back and forth between the murderer and the victims' perspective, it takes you through the punishing acts of violence that took place between 1891 and 1894. Instrumentally this is one of our darkest trcaks, with a wide array of fast paced heavy guitar riffs and a chorus inspired by the style of Mario Duplantier from Gojira we chose this song to close the EP.

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