Band Biographies: CARMERIA

From hallowed halls, deep within the suburbs of Sydney, Australia - CARMERIA are a force like no other. Embracing the dark symphonic edge of music that so few dare to venture, the Australian metal visionaries take on the international heavy music scene with soaring vocals, powerful guitars and orchestrations on a world-class level.

2021 marks the 9th year of the band’s existence. Since reforming with a new line-up in 2018, the band have been on a momentous warpath through the Australian metal scene. Their latest singles “Celestia” & “Morningstar” have garnered international attention and recognition for the group as one of the up-and-coming bands of symphonic heavy metal to watch out for this decade. 2020 also saw the band sign to the prestigious DAL Agency for bookings in Australia, as well as management & international bookings with Australia’s premier artist services agency - Hard Drive Agency.

Despite global circumstances halting the growth of many bands at the turn of the new decade, Carmeria have shown that no obstacle is great enough to stop the momentum of Australia’s future symphonic metal powerhouse. Carmeria’s debut album ‘Advenae’ is due for release on the 14th of May, 2021. The final two album singles, titled ‘To Lead the Blind’ and ‘Relinquished’ will be released on the 5th of March, and the 30th of April, respectively.

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