Band Biographies: Death Chamber

Death Chamber is a German Death Metal band from Munich. It was brought to life by guitarist Tim in August 2018. In addition to his Black Metal band Chaedrist he wanted to experiment and devote himself more to the sound of Death Metal. Originally intending to be just a small studio project, it soon became much bigger...

In October 2018, Tim started writing material for Death Chamber's debut. Having written all the music, he played and programmed every instrument involved. It was fast, aggressive and powerful, inspired by bands like Vomitory, Benediction, Nile, Divine Heresy & Cut Up. Double bass, blast beats, fast guitar picking and aggressively shouted vocals are a central element of the band's music. At first, three songs were planned to be recorded with different vocalists. “Murder Beyond Death”, “Leave a Path of Cinder” & “Final Era” were recorded and uploaded to various online platforms, and the multitude of positive feedback on these songs displayed the need for more material. With that, Tim decided to launch Death Chamber as a band and started the writing process for the debut EP: “Experiments in Warfare”.

Vocalist Pat joined the band in late 2019 as a full-time member. He arranged the vocals for “Final Era” and met the sound expectations of Tim. Combining both a proper range, and an aggressive vocal sound, he was the perfect fit for Death Chamber. Pat is also the vocalist in the Melodic Death Metal outfit The Course is Black and did various guest appearances for other bands. As a lyrical theme he chose “war” as an aggressive root but combined it with problems that come with modern society and result in mental distress. “Experiments in Warfare” presents this lyrical concept and is covered throughout the EP.

Apart from the screams and growls, Pat was also responsible for the EP's front cover design, in which he created a strong visual connection to the lyrical context. The back cover design and photography was realized by Immanuel from the likewise Munich-based extreme metal band Chokehold Policy, who will support the band on bass during live performances.

The band is planning to play shows as soon as possible to bring their music to the masses. Writing for the next record will also start soon.

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