Band Biographies: IMARI TONES

Imari Tones is a Christian metal band from Japan. They have a long history and their journey until now was not a simple one.

It’s hard to say since when Imari Tones was active.

Tak started recording music just by himself secretly in his room as early as 1998.
He didn’t have any intention of getting famous or successful. In fact he didn’t even have an intention of letting anyone hear his music. He started making music solely as a therapy for mental breakdown he had after the high school graduation.
However in 2004, his secret music project became an actual band. Tak named his band after an ancient Japanese porcelain art, and also after his wife’s name.

They played Japanese style alternative rock, some punk and some J-pop. But eventually went back to the style they really loved. 1980’s classic heavy metal.

They flew all the way to Germany to record some mainstream modern metal songs with a renowned producer (called Sascha Paeth), but it didn’t feel right. They wanted to be indie and chose to do things in DIY.

So they went back to their hometown Yokohama and started playing shows locally.

However, all of a sudden, a miracle that changes Imari Tones’ music forever has happened.

Tak met Jesus and found faith in Him.

He had been wondering all the time why he played music. Now he found the answer. He decided to dedicate his music to Jesus.

After that, Imari Tones declared themselves “The First Christian Heavy Metal from Japan”. Because there was no other band in Japan that was playing heavy metal and openly Christian.

They made awesome albums such as “Victory In Christ” and “Japan Metal Jesus”, playing high energy metal songs such as “Faith Rider” and “Jesus Train”. They toured in the USA and made a lot of friends. They invited Christian bands from the USA and Canada and toured together in Japan. Imari Tones inspired other Christian friends in Japan and together they have launched a Christian Rock indie label called “Calling Records”.

In Japan Christians are a minority and they are mainly playing small clubs and churches, but they have passionate fans all over the world.

Everyone is surprised to find a Japanese band that plays Christian music in heavy metal style. They are also surprised to hear classic style metal music played in such an enjoyable way.

People are inspired because Imari Tones is unique and different.

Christian values might be considered conservative elsewhere in the world but here in Japan Imari Tones inspire people in a different way: Don’t be afraid to be different. Be yourself and follow what you believe in. For them, it was Jesus. That’s why Imari Tones’ message is unique, both in Japanese cultural context and in the world.

Seeking their own unique sound, Imari Tones has been incorporating Japanese traditional essence into their music. They believe Christianity is not just a religion from the West. They believe it can be found in Japanese Samurai spirit.

That’s why they made “Jesus Wind”, a concept album based on Japanese history. They sang about ancient Samurai warriors and Buddhist monks from a Christian viewpoint and made it clear about Christian influence on Japanese history.

In 2020, with the new lineup consisting of singer/guitarist Tak, bassist Marie, and drummer Koji Maya, they have finished making “Nabeshima” double album. “Nabeshima” is a fusion of Christianity, Japanese traditional music, and heavy metal.

Now having found their ultimate musical style, Imari Tones is ready to declare Jesus’ name in Japan.

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