Band Biographies: MRS GOAT

Being shaped by the attitude of modern Punk and Post-Hardcore, Berlin-based band MRS GOAT takes a highly critical stance towards modern society and vehemently protests against its inherent hypocrisy.

Evolving from a completely self-taught background, the four friends, among them two brothers, quickly built themselves a name in the Berlin music scene. They headlined Rocktreff Open Air in 2019, reached more than 35.000 all-time streams by 2021 and were labeled as “the modern incarnation of punk” (Underground Underdog Musicblog).

With their self-titled debut in 2018 and the following EP 'Fingers Crossed' (2020), MRS GOAT purveyed a powerful message of hope wrapped inside a huge “fuck you” against the system. Working with Dailyhero Recordings (EMIL BULLS, ITCHY etc.) they have tailored a suitable sound to accompany this message, rugged and angry, yet at the same time defined and transparent.

With their upcoming Single 'Better Times' MRS GOAT want to draw more attention on mental health issues and address self-destructive thoughts and behavior.

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