Band Biographies: Sailing Before The Wind

Sailing Before The Wind is a Japanese metalcore band formed in Tokyo in 2011, operating as a fully independent with no label and no management. Throughout its history, the band had numerous line-up changes, leaving bassist and Bitoku who writing and engineering every song of the band's releases as the only constant member. At present the band consisted of five members, Bitoku with four recruited members whose playing live but also recording songs.

The band gained critical success and a growing underground fan base from their 2012 EP "Judgement" and followed by 2016 EP "Sanctuary". After releasing 6 EPs and many tours, Sailing Before The Wind highly recognized in Japanese metalcore scene recent years. Previous EP "Revised Standards" (2019) ranked #2 in Japanese Apple Music Metal chart next to BABYMETAL. That EP featured guest vocals from Thomas Pirozzi of Sienna Skies, Al and Nick Boltz of A Scent Like Wolves (We Are Triumphant records).

And single called "Resistance" (2019) ranked #14 in Japanese Apple Music's Metal chart that only artist in Top 20 other than BABYMETAL. The upcoming new single is the release for the first time in a year since the previous single called "Intro" (2020).

*Bitoku is also well-known as former touring bassist (2014-2015; 2016–2018) of Crystal Lake (SharpTone Records). He went to UK / Europe with the band for their first headline tour. 5 countries (United Kingdom, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, and France), 9 shows with Aviana (Sweden) and ALL FACES DOWN (Austria).

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