Behind The Artworks: Ronin - Ronin (2021)

When we settled on making the album self-titled, we had to throw out ideas of what to do for a cover. Sticking with the whole Ronin/samurai theme and feel, we wanted to make a character of some kind, let’s call it our mascot; the embodiment of what we’re trying to do as a band. The Red Blade is on the cover. That’s the figure’s name. He’s prepared for battle. Clearly, he’s been injured with arrows sticking out of him, almost a metaphor for rock music; down but not out. He still has fight left in him and he’s not going to roll over and die without a fight. It started as just a cool idea, but as we went through the process, we found that there was more meaning to it than we originally thought or intended. So yes and no to answer the question; started as just cool looking artwork but transformed into something with special meaning to us and hopefully The Red Blade has many more iterations and inspiration to give for years to come.

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