Behind The Artworks: Solitary - The Truth Behind The Lies (2021)

We used Koot who is famous for his album covers in the early '90s, for bands such as Saxon, The Almighty, The Exploited, Freak of Nature and my personal favourite, Bradford thrashers Slammer. He’d not done any album covers for a number of years but I contacted him as we wanted something different from our previous covers and I felt that if I could convince him we’d end up with a really unique piece of art. We had a chat and I sent him over our back catalogue and he was really into the story and our history so he agreed to to do the cover for our 2019 EP XXV and The Truth Behind The Lies. Both pieces are airbrushed on canvas, which is pretty much unheard of nowadays however it does pose a few challenges when it comes to shirts.

The whole concept for the cover came from Koot he asked for some of the lyrics and he read through them and conjured up a few ideas which we discussed and I think the turning point was when I sent him the demo of the title track which totally inspired him. The video for Abominate and the album inlay contains some of his sketches and he actually built a model of the eye so he could get the shadows he wanted with the airbrush.

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