Behind The Artworks: TWITCH OF THE DEATH NERVE - Beset by False Prophets (2021)

For “Beset by False Prophets” we decided that we would look for some existing artwork that complimented the concept behind the release. We took the same approach for our last album, and although it takes a lot of searching to find the right piece, it removes the risk of commissioning something new which doesn’t end up matching your expectations. We came across this artwork titled “To Be Born Again” by an artist called Sandeep Karunakaran which perfectly fit the theme and vibe we were looking for, and we were able to license it for the release. Sandeep has a really dark style and some of his work is reminiscent of Polish painter Zdzisław Beksiński who we’re big fans of. The scene of corrupted angels with mountains of writhing emaciated figures straining to reach them was a great visual representation of the concept behind the EP, which denounces the myriad false prophets and charlatans pushing their falsehoods and hypocrisy to any audience gullible enough to swallow them.

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