Behind The Tracks: Inception - Flesh Flies (Single) (2021)

The lyrics of “Flesh Flies” are the graphic representation of the end of human life, where we all will end at last and something a lot of people fear, the flies represent the death itself and how they devour and tear apart the flesh, representing the decomposition of the body since we born till we die; we are pieces of meat with no purpose nor path, nothing more but the one we create.

It talks about the moment in life where every person realizes that someday we’ll die the same, it’s inevitable and we have to assume it.

Despite the pessimistic character of the song, at the end I think that it focuses more on the fact that every person has to put meaning in it’s own life, in it’s own way.


Flesh Flies
Eat all my kind
Flesh Flies
Humanity’s last rind
Flesh Flies
Eat all my kind
Flesh Flies
This vermin resides in us all

The organs desgastation ending all my vital functions
The body’s breakdown, ending up for their degustation
Flies come out from my mouth, the sound is disturbing, the feeling is astounding, devourer, destructive
My organs are made of sand now
There is no place for flesh in my body
All that will remain
Is the echo of silence,


My face melts as I unveil the truth
We are worthless, we are meaningless
Just a bunch of rotting meat since the day we start growing
Our lives are nothing more but the value we put in them
We exist just to become
A hollow cage

The final day is coming
My life is about to end here

Flies are seeking for my soul
This hollowness is growing inside
Now I seek for eternal SLEEP
Flies have usurped everything in me

Sorrowness, emptiness, nothingness
Soon I’ll be erased from this world
Sorrowness, emptiness, nothingness
I belong to the flies

This is why we exist,
To nurture the machine

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