Behind The Tracks: Version 5 - Close My Eyes (Single) (2021)

Close My Eyes started primarily because it was the first song since Spencer and I [Andy] brought AJ [Version 5's Drummer] on board. Before that we were working solely as a producer duo.

Grabbing AJ not only breathed new life to our live act, we wanted a banging rock song for AJ to debut on and record as a cohesive rock band. It started as the intro riff and the chorus riff- Spencer and I were influenced by bands like Deftones and Chevelle- and the goal was to write something heavy and grinding that would fit into a grungy David Fincher film.

The long, cold Minnesota winter nights are our favorite time to write. Usually after a few alcohol and cigar fueled all nighters, we have the basis for a song. It's dark, cold and we have zero distractions.

This song was a learning experience for Spencer and me and we really enjoyed having AJ in the creative process as well as producer Ian Combs [Minneapolis, MN]. Without them this song would have never seen the light of day.

As for the music video, Spencer, AJ and I wanted something visually that would be strikingly different from the heavy sound. I thought it'd be fun to do something roaring 20's in the 2020's, and AJ wanted to be a Jazz trio. Spencer directed and brought the whole thing together by giving a nod to the past and having select modern elements.

Hope you guys dig it. 2021 will be the most active year yet for Version 5 - we have an EP coming out as well as more singles and music videos. -[Andy // v5]

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