Behind The Tracks: Wes Hoffman - What’s Left of Me (Single) (2021)

With a passion for punk beats, loud guitars and a penchant for honest, emotional lyrics, Wes Hoffman is back with his friends and ready to share his most meaningful songs in 2021, starting with the single “What’s Left of Me”.

“What’s Left of Me is a song about going through major transitions in your life and being there for your friends. Knowing that we all feel like we’re in a million pieces sometimes, but we still love each other. I often doubted whether or not I would make it out of certain situations, but I did, and once I did, I was able to see what was left of my life and where I could go from there. I also knew I always had close friends I could call for help, and I knew that they had my number too. It may sound a little gloomy, but it’s really a song about moving on with your life, and hoping for better days ahead.” - Wes Hoffman

“What’s Left of Me” is out since March 5th on major streaming platforms and was released along with a music video.

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