Track By Tracks: Aschenvater - Landungsfeldmassaker (2021)

The EP is inspired by the universe of Warhammer 40K. It’s about a battle on Istvaan V, the drop site massacre (Landungsfeldmassaker).

1. Der Beginn // Tag der Abrechnung:

The Intro symbolizes the arrival of the loyal troops in the Istvaan System. The slowly increasing guitar riff represents the first battleships that grow into a whole fleet. When all instruments kick in, they are ready to attack and bomb the fortress of the traitors.

2. Sturmreif // Der Verräterkönig:

The Song is about the siege of the traitors. The Battle begins and the song starts very fast and changes from blast beats into a long double bass drum part. The entire arsenal of the fleet is fired in order to destroy the defenses of the traitors and to end the fight prematurely. The guitar solo is the final attack. But as the dust subsides, the traitors had already send new troops to the entrenchments and trenches. They become aware that there will be a bloody war. The Song ends with a cry of disappointment.

3. Im Feuersturm // Entfesselte Götter:

To show the enormous size of the operation, the song starts with a long doom part. When changing to a fast oldschool thrash part the operation begins. Battleships fall from the sky. The following fights break up the part and increase the heaviness of the song once again. More and more warriors and war machines come out of their landing craft and after a last breath the armies collide completely. This last part is the climax of the song and is played as intense as possible. It is also a view of what is coming.

4. Blut auf schwarzem Sand // Im Todesrausch:

This Song is pure brutality in which the enemies fight each other with everything that is as weapon available. Starting with a rolling mosh part that destroys and squeezes everything in its path, the song gets faster like a wild berserker that slaughters through the ranks of the enemies. The situation on the battlefield seems to get a little clearer, only to be torn to pieces again by the berserker's fury. A cry of indignation leads to a new phase of the battle. A mid-tempo tank army rolls down the hills, crushing the most unfortunate under its rolling drum and riff chains. The battle is raging. An explosion draws attention, but the cruel monotony of war washes away all emotion.

5. Massaker // Echos:

The Interlude is the second instrumental song of the EP. Monotony accompanies the song and only fragments of explosions, death screams and shelling emerge from it. An eternal doom part, which is only interrupted by one mid-tempo part. This is where the cacophony reaches its bizarre climax. The eternal fighting and killing creates an automatism that defies description.

6. Durch das Kadavermeer // Geschenke des Krieges:

The fate that leads to the landing field massacre is revealed in this song. The second betrayal and the encirclement of the remaining loyal troops.

Exhausted and tired, the armies withdraw from the battlefield. And even the traitors seem to do so. Blast beats and fast riffs chase the loyal troops back to their landing zone, where they want to regroup to replenish their stocks of ammunition. On the way they are confronted with an image of indescribable horror. The following thrash part leds to hurry. They pass completely disfigured bodies, some of them appear as if they had been eaten up. There are corpses everywhere and the amounts of blood have turned the ground into a swamp.

With a final riff, the loyal troops almost reach their allies. But they are welcomed with a hail of bullets and get completely encircled. The last mosh Parts rolls heavily over the army and shows the complete betrayal.

7. Verräter // Visionen der Hölle:

The last song of the EP. It unites the entire musical spectrum of the EP and lets the drama end truly epic.

Right from the beginning, one can hear the screams of anger and aggression from the encircled troops. After an initial success, a blast attack gets stuck and continues in tough fights. The song changes from mid-tempo to faster drum attacks and guitar riffing. Another mid-tempo part shows once again how difficult it is for the loyal troops to break through the steel ring. More and more deaths are to be lamented. One can hear the final exertions of desperate warriors. Some troops manage to reach the landing zone. Battleships soar into the air but are shot down immediately and rush back into the fields of the massacre, where the carnage continues. The drums and guitars go forward once more. The way out is within reach only to fail shortly before the goal.

The last Part: The guitars fade out and a few manage to escape from the drop side massacre. Three entire legions were almost completely destroyed. The drama of this moment is reflected in the following part. The former avengers leave the battlefield full of sadness and utter exhaustion. The losses are incredible and those who cannot escape will face a fate worse than death. Finally, everyone realizes that this is just the beginning. A war of unimaginable size begins, the "Horus Heresy".

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