Track By Tracks: The Blood Of Christ - Eastern Beast – Western Wolf (Split with Vomit Remnants) (2020)

1. Forgotten Divinity Chapter 1:

An old school Blood of Christ song, from 1998 that we resurrected and added some redux life into it. It has a very chaotic feel to it. Lyrically, it is about the divinity returning home to his clan after many years of hiatus.

2. Sworn to the Northern Star:

This song really showcases our blackened-death metal side, with a lot of epic riffs. It is a new song for us, written in 2018 and features a lot of riffs from our drummer Jason Longo. Historically, he helped write some occasional riffs on the old Blood of Christ albums and that was a part of the sound back then. We feel that bringing back some of his writing really helped make this song "bring our sound back". Lyrically speaking, it is a song that is quite literally about playing in a metal band and devoting yourself to the craft.

3. Apocalyptic Vertigo:

Again a unique song that blends black metal and death metal in an abrupt manner. Features some really catchy trash riffs too, and a solid down-picking pit riff to end it off, all of which are indicative of Jeff Longo's guitar style. Lyrically, this one deals with time travel and loosely takes inspiration from the "Twelve Monkeys" movie.

4. Forgotten Divinity Chapter 2:

The sequel to chapter 1, is a brand new song (the newest of these four). It is a morose feeling number, with both epic-doomy riffs and catchy trash riffs... that culminates in one of our most epic dark metal passages. Lyrically, it is the same as chapter 1, but wraps up the story.

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