Track By Tracks: A Crime Called - A New Path (2021)

1. HIDE THE FEELINGS speaks of physical and sentimental distance. sometimes in life, you break up and get broken up. what follows is the distance and the thought of moments and situations lived together. when a story is lived intensely it is difficult to be able to give up everything. the uniqueness of people makes things unrepeatable and often the renunciation of a love story hides something unspoken

2. DROWN: “Life is an ocean current of situations, people, sensations. Navigation, solitary as it may be, has its difficult moments which lead us to give up and desist. The destination is often only a necessary excuse to keep on traveling, to not die inside. Living is the only means we were bestowed to avoid being drowned by the current”.

3. NEW INJIECTION: “The life makes it look like a race against time, against laws written by people who do not deserve to have power. The life may be a partner, lover, accomplice, traitor: your choices will decide his character. It’s your choice; exist or resist. ‘What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.’

4. OVER AGAIN: the path of life includes pain, suffering, frustration. Every single person has been faced with all these obstacles and often easily surrendered in the face of difficulties. take flight and start living again, perhaps better than before

5. SONIC FEAR: do fears have a specific origin? or maybe they are just conjectures that arise in our brains ... examining one's life in more depth causes fears? Is having doubts and insecurities that much scary? Do doubts have an answer? are the answers just something that serves to give peace to our life?

6. TIDAL WAVES: “In a period of lock down and restrictions, we find ourselves making a virtue of necessity.Days, life and love is going up and down like a tide. ‘Tidal Waves’ fully respect the difficult period that unites us all together.

7. WEEKEND ODYSSEY: “The cult of the weekend is a sort of paradox. A ritual bound to become something magic for the next generation. An epic adventure where our protagonist will fight against the pleasure of the nightlife, with a only goal: the opportunity to go home safely! The trauma of the day after with the classic hangover will bring our hero to reality, without every super powers of the nightlife!”.

8. POP COULD KILL: The band were in studio to records a new song,” A Crime Called… say about the new record. “And during this session comes to life a ‘challenge’ between Andrea Bertolini (producer) and the band. It’s easy to make rock, but are you able to be ‘pop’?! The main question is: what is this ‘POP’?! And our answer is, ‘Be catchy, and try to move the ass of every listener!” Ok, our idea of pop music is a little bit easy, and the result is here, ‘Pop Could Kill’… Enjoy and remember: if it's too pop but you can't get it out of your head, start dancing!

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