Track By Tracks: Death Chamber - Experiments In Warfare (2021)

The titles are like a thread telling a small story only by reading them. If you dive deeper into each song, they all have special stories which deal with modern problems. Let’s start explaining the songs a bit.

1. Spark to Extinction:

Just like the title already explains, it’s the beginning of something big. A spark, responsible for a big explosion or a big happening, about to change everyone’s lives forever. This song is also meant to mentally prepare for a fight that has to be dealt with. We think we might know what comes next and prepare for the uncertain, even if it might cost our life. The war is about to begin.

2. The Inevitable:

Everything falls into place. The situation is on a path to escalation, but which position is everyone taking? The oncoming war is inevitable. Dogmas are being spread, fear is being used as a weapon, lies are being told to control the people. There is only one way to go: Forward! This song is a call to arms.

3. Dead End Witness:

This song is covering the economic situation and how big companies have a way bigger impact on the world than most people might think they have. The wealth of countries is being defined by companies using machines to calculate via AI the steps they have to take to make more money. It’s all about predicting the future in the best possible way. Whole countries make themselves dependent on these algorithms without thinking of consequences and without thinking about their citizens at all. It’s always about profit. This is a dead-end and whether we want or not, we are the witnesses to a war we already lost.

4. Relentless Will to Destroy:

Furious and with a natural will to win a fight that can’t be won, this song is expressing pure wrath. The pulse is rising, you are being filled with anger and all you want is to let off the hate.

5. The Cage:

This song is changing the perspective on the ongoing war. Watching it all from a place far away instead of being involved directly. Wallowing in safety, while there is so much happening. Famine, killing, slavery, and way more ...The world is about to turn into ruins, but we’re just locked watching it all happen. It’s an inner fight with ourselves, knowing that barely anything can be done to stop this madness. Absolute hopelessness.

6. Ashfall:

The war/the world is coming to an end. Ashfall, fallout, and fire are all that’s left. History has been written once again by the greed of some people at the cost of many lives. The only thing left is just a spark, about to ignite one more fire and starting it all over again..

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