Track By Tracks: Desource - Ambition (2021)

"Ambition" is a very ambitious record indeed, to say the least: way more dense, technical and progressive than "Dirty Happiness" although it keeps the same melodic "feel" which is more peculiar than its predecessor.

Lyrically, the songs lay down themes such as overcoming struggles, facing fears and obstacles, introspective topics such as courage, death and one's own demons, taking inspiration from bands such as Killswitch Engage at least lyrically.

"Ambition" is generally about the sense of achieving great things in life, and overcoming "darkness" in a spiritual sense. Musically it embeds genres such as Metalcore, Djent, Progressive Metal, Grind, Mathcore, Rock, Post Hardcore and many more nuances. It's a step forward in every direction.

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