Track By Tracks: Eurkuh - Not At All (2021)


Personally, I don't recommend reading on unless you have given the songs a listen and given yourself a chance to appreciate the lyrics with an open mind and develop your own interpretation. Most of the lyrics are fairly straightforward, so I feel that in a way having the artist explain what the song is about prior to listening can be like watching a movie trailer that gives away too much of the plot prior to watching the movie. But, if you are still interested, read on.

1. Stray:

The lyrics for this song were written after viewing some news articles about how different countries were dealing with the effects of the Covid pandemic. In some countries there was some very questionable concessions made to those with religious ideals that were clearly contrary to the benefit of the world as a whole combatting the virus. Children were also participating in these acts, such as kissing religious artefacts in public places, and it angered me greatly. When the religious indoctrination of children is combined with a lack of access to other sources of information, and allowing people to think for themselves, this can have horrible consequences.

2. Not at all:

I grew up with Christianity, I went to Christian schools. It was a strong influence on my upbringing. It took me longer than I would like to admit to realise that it was all false. Did god hear me when I spoke to him? Not at all. I listen to podcasts regularly and came across a story about a devout religious family that was brutally murdered. Despite their commitment to their faith, did he help them? No. God either chose not to, was not able to, or he does not exist. My belief is the latter.

3. Entfesseln:

The inspiration for this song came partly from an atheist who was speaking about being content knowing the human soul does not exist. When death occurs, we are put back into the earth and other organism's benefit. The other side is the content I feel about being free from religion. Originally the song was known by a different title, but I changed it to 'Entfesseln' which is a German word and translates 'to unleash' in English. I came across it in a book I was reading at the time, and felt it was more appropriate than the previous song title.

4. Recoiled in Horror:

This song is also based on a podcast I listened to about a mass murderer that would befriend his victims, (mainly young men) get them intoxicated, and kill them. Some of the bodies he would keep under his floor and from time to get them out to molest them again. He was eventually caught and arrested. My thoughts turned to a concept in a lot of religions that no matter what is done in this life, redemption and 'heaven' is also a possibility. So according to many religions, this person could have begged forgiveness, repented, and would be able to live a life of peace in eternity. I believe this also a dangerous concept.

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