Track By Tracks: MARA - Djävulstoner (2021)

1. The Pinetrees wail her name:

Was written while hiking around the mountains, as the sun set the melody just appeared out of nowhere. If I remember correctly, I started working on it in 2015 and presented it to the band just before we started to work on the pre-production to the album.

The story as I envision it when I close my eyes and play is about a woman that disappears in the woods, therefore the Pinetrees wail her name.

2. Under a bleeding moon:

We started working on this track back in 2014 after we released our first EP, but the process got quite long because our then guitarist Adrian decided to leave the band in favor of his spiritualistic pursuits.

The story is written from the point of view of how the Sumerians thought the world would end, Tiamat would break free from her shackles and devourer the universe.

3. Heaven shall burn:

This was the first song we started writing with me on rhythm guitar, there is a bouncy feel to the groove that we really love. This is somewhat of a follow up to Under a Bleeding Moon story wise.

4. Unconqured Prince:

This was the last song we wrote just before we headed to Italy to record the album. Story wise the song is sung from Lucifers point of view, it’s his pleading as he is lead out of the heavens.

5. Rået:

The track was written also on the mountains around Gothenburg, it’s written as a folk tune.

Storywise in Swedish folklore a “Rå” is an entity that lures men into the woods with her beauty, her back is made out of bark so as soon as they are so far into the woods that the man can’t make it back. She disappears and the man is never seen again.

6. Skärseldens stråkar:

This one is written with the thought that you should be able to dance waltz to its verse.

Translated to English the song is Strings of Purgatory, and that’s what the song is about it’s said to be silent in purgatory and I envision that group of mute souls wail in unison to create the Strings of Purgatory.

7. Born to die:

This is the oldest track on the album, we wrote it together with Erik on bas-guitar and Adrian on guitar back in the day.

We really did not want to leave this one out because it was somewhat of a dream for us to hear it in good production!

8. Blessed Shores:

I wrote this song on the acoustic guitar and we then arranged it to fit the band. The story is about leaving your loved ones and stability in search for a better life.

9. Djävulstoner:

We started out just jamming the intro and the rest of the riffs are basically us just jamming as we usually do when we write.

It’s about the left-hand path.

10. Violence is my heir:

Anton came with the intro melody and we just wrote this song in like a week, it was a great experience.

The story is inspired from a Gustav Doré etching and deals a bit with the topic that we are all heirs to violence.

11. Märkliga Musa:

This was written as a reflection that a muse can appear out of nowhere quite strange. Translated to English “Strange Muse”.

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