Track By Tracks: MISSTRESS - Resurrected (2021)

1. Resurrection:

An atmospheric intro introducing a sense of terror. Time to start the horror.

2. Welcome To Hell:

Fast and strong punch to the face for a good start. Sung from the perspective of the devil welcoming the newly arrived inhabitants of Hell. Pure metal.

3. Lilith (Sanctificetur Nomen Tuum):

A serenade for the Queen of Hell. Roller-heavy riffs accompany a dark declaration of loyalty and devotion.

4. I'm Goin’ To Get U:

The most glam moment on the album, song about interest in the opposite sex. What is Rock'n'Roll without beautiful girls?

5. No Risk No Fun:

Classic heavy metal in terms of music and lyrics. A story about deriving satisfaction and fun from risk and the unknown. Let's spend a night in the city!

6. Jesus Christ Pornstar:

The most godless, unholy and iconoclastic text you can imagine, all accompanied by a modern hybrid of blues and metal. Blasphemy!

7. Deal With The Devil:

The title tells exactly what this song is about. Rocking praise for that type of business.

8. Sex, Blood & Rock'n'Roll:

A quick blow with a vampiric message. Musically, a nod to Californian punk, but about drinking blood. Happy horror.

9. Lady Katharina:

Rock ballad about love for a certain empress and her new incarnation. The acoustic guitar lends warmth, but stay alert in the face of the Lady.

10. Blood Sucker:

One of those songs that have been accompanying us for years. Another joyful note about vampires - this time about the desire to become one of them.

11. Evil:

A tribute to our lost brother - modern, aggressive metal recorded with our deceased drummer. Do you believe in evil? You should. Sung by the voice of the Abyss itself.

12. Awakening Of The Vampire:

A short moment to catch your breath - and this with a purely guitar story about the waking up of the undead.

13. Time To Hunt:

Vampires! But this time for real. A hard rock story about what a vampire does when he wakes up... And he will wake up hungry. It's time to get some blood!

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