Track By Tracks: Nahaya - Vital Alchemy (2021)

1. Madness of Maenads:

This song is meant to introduce the listener to the album. It's sort of a calm before the storm if you will. There are no lyrics to the song but I wanted to use a title with some sort of metaphysical, spiritual, mythological reference. I like the stories surrounding the Greek God Dionysus and his followers the maenads. So I decided to go with that.

The song is a pretty cool little acoustic piece. We're hoping we make more music like this in the future.

2. Deific Mask:

Deific Mask is a Luciferian term that refers to calling upon forces outside of the space and time we as humans exist in and drawing them into us. It's a concept I originally heard about while studying Vajrayana Buddhism. Basically focusing on some sort of external being and opening up to it either in an archetypal or literal sense. Musically the song is probably the fastest on the album. It has some pummeling drums and nasty solo and a pretty decent hook in the chorus. I think it will be a circle pit tune live for sure.

3. Vital Alchemy:

Vital Alchemy is inspired by books like the Kybalion and loose study's pertaining to Gnosticism and kabbalah. To be put simply it's about self-transformation.

This song features our friend Achraf Loudiy from the band Aeternam. We gave him a lot of the song to song on so that it's a legitimate feature. His screams remind me of the likes of Nergal from Behemoth and his cleans are just majestic. Musically the song is fast with intricate guitar work, abrasive bass lines, and a few blasts thrown in for good measure. It's definitely one of the best songs on the project without a doubt.

4. Incubator:

Incubator is inspired by the book "In the Dark Places of History" by Peter Kingsley. The book speaks about a form of communion with Gods and Goddess while in meditative trance/deep sleep, sometimes under the guidance of oracles and spiritual individuals of the time. Musically this song is the most unique to the album and the band entirely. The song opens with some countrysides. Our guitarist Dan used a Texas Lonestar beer bottle to capture the sound which immediately gives a Texan vibe. The beginning clean vocal passage is also new for the band giving off a prog-type direction. After this, the song takes off in a furious thrash metal/melodeath frenzy which all comes back around with a somber clean guitar/clean vocal ending drenched in the reverb. We think a song like this will be the inspiration for us to experiment more with our sound in the future.

5. Kali Yuga:

Kali Yuga is about the tug of war between nihilism and optimism. Is another blisteringly fast thrash/melodeath track with frenetic drumming, heavy bass, intricate bass and a catchy chorus.

6. Midnight Fidelio:

Midnight Fidelio is inspired by Stanley Kubrick's last film "Eyes Wide Shut"
The riffs to this song are very American metal. It has a straight-up rock chorus and a heavy breakdown near the end of the track. I think it'll be another fun one live with the gang vocals at the beginning of the track

7. Aghori Fires:

Aghori Fires is inspired by a spiritually taboo sect of people that attempts to push beyond the status quo and show a true form of nondual belief. This was the last one we wrote. Dan was inspired by the band dead to fall while writing the riffs so it has a very American sound. It probably has one of the best choruses of the album and cool prog like outro. We think it's a pretty great closer to the album.

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