Track By Tracks: Shamael - Melancholie Der Engel (2021)


As with the artwork, the music also had to reflect the duality of the emotions generated by the observation of abyssal recesses. As much as I hate speaking in terms of genres, I still think that doom is the ideal brush for this representation. I tried to compose the record using dilated times, harmonic insights aimed to describe immense and timeless spaces, alternating moments of great light to ones of sadness, melancholy, and decadence, which I love. As Herzog says, the song of the birds that we hear in the woods is not a song, but the cry of hunger. The abyss as a representation of tremendous manifestations of nature, but also as the study of the behavioural degenerations typical of human beings. In the case of "leaf", it is war.

2.Crown Shyness:

This phenomenon has always fascinated me and has always made me think of how similar we are to those crowns that do not touch. No matter the closeness, it is always rare to touch a soul deep inside. This is a bit like the porcupine theory: if we get close, we hurt each other, but it's often the only way to look into a human being’s soul  

3. Way of woe:

This song is dedicated to Elizabeth Siddal, goddess and muse of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood. After reading her story I absolutely had to write a song for her and when the time came, it had been quite natural for me to write the lyrics using her own words. As a matter of fact, the text is one of her poems, which I can recall as one of the most tragic, sad, and moving that I have ever read. In my opinion, her poems should be included in literary texts alongside Goethe.

4. Moonsoon:

It is a love declaration for rain in its most epic manifestations, but also an excuse to drown into an infinite sadness. A feeling which I could only express through Shamael.

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