Track By Tracks: Tetramorphe Impure - Dead Hopes / The Last Chains (2021)

All the lyrics are mainly inspired by feelings and visions in very particular periods of my life, but also by decadent literature of the 19th century and the philosophical thought of Nietzsche and Heidegger.

The lyrics were written almost out of the blue, to capture as genuinely as possible what I was feeling at a particular moment.

The sacred and Dionysian aspect of the mind has always fascinated me, although it is rejected and fought in the modern era, almost exclusively driven by rational and technical thinking.

The lyrics can be considered as a set of "fragments" with the ultimate goal of capturing what I felt in very difficult and painful moments.

1. Deception:

It's a strong critique against the "core" values of modern society. Both religious and socials. We have the presumption to think such values are universal but in reality, they are just deceptions in order to better control the "herd". This lyric is an emotional and intimate reaction to this assumption, descending to the point of purest nihilism.

2. Dead Hopes:

This lyric was inspired by a well-known underground cult film called Begotten.

It deals with the will to kill oneself for a complete self-transmutation, a desperate search for a new essence.

3. The Last Chains:

Can be considered as an exaltation of the pure spirit, the deep desire to be completely free from any ties with the "real" world. The ultimate goal is to peer through the "veil" and glimpse the true essence of existence.

4. Eternal Procession:

It mainly deals with the uselessness and futility of the human race. The eternal procession towards nothingness is the only possible destiny for the modern man.

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