Track By Tracks: TIDES OF KHARON - Titanomachy (2021)

1. Atlas Endures:

The first song of the album is sung from the point of view of the Titan Atlas as he holds up the sky and laments his burden, the choices that lead to his fate and the “curse” upon the sons of Kronos. As well as his yearning for the time before the god’s rebellion against the titans in the war that would be known as the titanomachy.

2. Titanomachy:

The title track of the album is told from the point of view of a nameless god fighting in the war against the titans. A major theme of the song is that it is not a war between to differing factions but between fathers and sons. That just as Kronus rebelled against his own father Ouranos, now Zeus and his brothers are rebelling against Kronos and that this cyclic curse will repeat. The song is also the basis of the album artwork which depicts Kronos and Zeus battling each other while other gods and titans fight on in the backgrounds.

3. Sentinels of Stone:

Sentinels follows a titan as he is called to war to fight to preserve all that they have created from being destroyed by the gods and ultimately failing to do so. The end result is the titan watching on from his prison in tartarus unable to do anything but watch on as a sentinel of stone.

4. Kronus Decends:

Kronus Descends as the title implies is about the fall of kronus at the hands of his sons and his final curse. As the lord of time he curses the gods to experience time linearly and to age and wither,

5. From the Mountain:

The final track on the album is about a nameless titan suppressing his bloodthirsty urge to fight the usurpers instead praying for a deep a comforting sleep only to be eventually lured out to fight by kronus. Once on the battlefield his spear quickly finds it mark and he slays multiple gods until as he turns and kills another, he realizes he has slain his own son. The purpose of the song is to reinforce the fact that titanomachy was a bloody family feud.

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