Track By Tracks: Wratheon - Black Thrash Mass (2021)

1. In Seance & With Crimson Eyes:

These two songs are cut from the same cloth, a cautionary tale of an oppressive religious oligarch that pushed its people too far and ends up in an uprising. This is one of the main themes of Wratheon, how the wealthy use religion and politics as a tool to keep themselves enriched and empowered.

2. A Fire Burns:

This one follows an idea from Midsommar. It's a vague tale about an elderly couple that belongs to an idealism that self-euthanasia is a normal ritual in their culture.

3. Life:

Instrumental that revels in the overall emptiness of life.

4. Unescapable Null:

This song is straightforward, it's finding peace and happiness that all will be nothing. A love song to nihilism.

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