Band Biographies: SUNRISE

The band SUNRISE was founded in Kyiv (Ukraine) in 2003.

During the time of existence, the band took part in a big number of different festivals and concert actions. Among them are City Of Power festival (2017, Zgierz, PL, and shared the stage with Civil War and Bonfire); Power of Ukraine festival (2017, Kyiv, UA); Daily Metal Fest 2016 (Kyiv, UA); Ukrainian Rock Festival 2015 (Kyiv, UA); Global East Rock Festival 2011 (Kyiv, UA; at the same stage with Helloween); Global East Open Air 2010 (Kyiv, UA; at the same stage with HammerFall, Moonspell, Sabaton, Sirenia, Haggard, Dark Tranquillity, Bonfire and many others), Chayka Festival 2009 (Kyiv, UA; together with Cinema Bizarre, Devildriver, Septicflesh and others), Music Bike Festival 2009 (Uzhgorod, UA; at the same stage with legendary russian band - Aria); Cold Stage 2 Fest 2009 (Kyiv, UA), Music Fights Festival 2008 (Kyiv, UA. The band has won selection round), RockAutostrada Festival 2008 (Bochnia, PL. The band has won a third place); Rock Lastivky Festival 2008 (Kyiv, UA. The band won a third place and also the vocalist of SUNRISE – Konstantin Naumenko was awarded by victory in a nomination "The best vocalist of evening"); Metal Summer Fest 2007 (Kyiv, UA); Metal Time Festival 2007 (Berezan, UA); Chervona Ruta Festival 2006 (Kyiv, UA); ProRock Festival 2005(Krolevets, UA); Premyera Festival 2005 (Kherson, UA); RockArea Festival 2005 (Kyiv, UA); Music Fest in KPI 2005 (Kyiv, UA); Music Island Festival 2005 (Kharkov, UA); Protyag Festival 2005 (Kyiv, UA). Also SUNRISE took part in a big number of different performances in Ukrainian clubs.

On February 2007, SUNRISE finished recording its debut album, called "Liberty", which was released by Metalism Records.

In the autumn, 2009, SUNRISE finished recording its second album, called "Trust Your Soul". This album was released on 30th January 2010 by the Italian label Heart Of Steel Records/Emmeciesse Music Publishing and took many good estimations from the world's musical critics.

On November 2009, was released the internet-single "Dreamer Online", which was downloaded by thousands of fans all over the world.

The songs of SUNRISE took rotation on the different radio stations of the world: WFHB (USA); Metallic Underground radio (Austria); Radio Almenara (Spain); Phoenix radio (United Kingdom); Metal Express Radio (Norway); Radio Rocks (Ukraine) and other.

In the autumn of 2015 SUNRISE made a successful crowdfunding project for the release of their 3rd album, called 'Absolute Clarity'. This album was self-released at 19th of January 2016. This album became very popular in Japan and took 3 place among imported albums in the chart of 'Burrrn!' magazine.

Following this success SUNRISE signing agreement with record label, Spiritual Beast for the special Japanese release of 'Absolute Clarity' album and it was released on 20th of April 2016.

At June 28th, 2016 'Absolute Clarity' album also was released by Indonesian lable Metal Force Records in an exotic format of audio cassette.

At 10th of April SUNRISE played the big live presentation of the new album in Atlas Club, Kyiv (UA) and this concert was filmed for the first live DVD of the band.

At 2nd of February 2017 SUNRISE released their debute live DVD, which became the first live DVD in the history of Ukrainian power metal.

At 23th of September 2017 SUNRISE organized and performed at own festival, called 'Power Of Ukraine' (Kyiv, UA), which became the first widescale power metal festival in history of Ukrainian metal scene.

At 8th of February 2018 SUNRISE played their 15th anniversary concert together with Orchestra of Military Forces of Ukraine. With this concert SUNRISE became the first metal band in Ukraine who played with an orchestra.

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