Behind The Artworks: CURIMUS - Garden Of Eden (2021)

Jari Nieminen: About the cover art… In the writing process we realized that the songs of the album have sort of a running theme. It’s not a concept album but all the songs revolve around real life misery and filth of the world, human selfishness and injustice. We have this world that is supposed to be our paradise, our Garden of Eden, but everyone is more or less miserable here. We wanted to make kind of a confrontation to the album cover. In people’s minds Garden of Eden is supposed to be a beautiful place and the picture is taken by the standards and rules of an art portrait but the subject in the picture isn't pretty. He is feeling terribly sick, a manifestation of every person in this planet.

FYI: The person in the cover is actually vomiting. That's not fake or Photoshop. You can really see the pain in his eyes.

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