Behind The Artworks: LYCANTHRO - Mark Of The Wolf (2021)

The album art for “Mark of the Wolf” was done by a fantastic Italian artist by the name of Velio Josto. He is best known for doing albums for notable bands such as Riot V, Enforcer, Iron Angel, and Warlord. For this cover, I essentially draw a really rough mock-up with what I was looking for. Originally, I wanted just a werewolf with the “mark of the wolf” symbol burned into his hand. When I gave my sketch to Velio, he added little touches here and there that I couldn’t even imagine, and they really added to the cover. For example, it was his idea to add the mountains and waterfall in the background as well as the “mark of the wolf” symbol in the sky. In my opinion, those little touches, along with his impeccable, detailed art style, are what made the cover everything we could’ve wanted and more!

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