Behind The Artworks: The Wring - Project Cipher (2021)

In these pandemic days, people are working from home, kids are attending classes remotely. This record was created at distance. Musicians (and everyone else) are sitting in front of monitors all day. The cover portrays all of us… getting sucked into the digital vortex. Melissa Friesen is the artist. I gave her some ideas and she ran with them.

The inside cover is an abstract take on a Fibonacci figure. I feel like this project has a Fibonacci connection… First, it was nothing, then me, then me & Jason, then Thomas, then Marc and Bryan; then Forrester, Asher, and Melissa. 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8. I know the numerology doesn’t work exactly but close enough for rock n roll, right? I made the spiral 5-sided instead of 4. You can see the P and C – Project Cipher. Would look pretty cool on a T-Shirt.

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