Behind The Tracks: Post Profit - Better Off (Single) (2021)

“Better Off” touches on a lot of sensitive aspects of the state of humanity currently and throughout history. The track presents the idea that hate is deeply intertwined in our current culture, and that hate is being propelled by the media, politics, and institutional racism. The track poses the question “What if we could learn to love?”, hinting that it will take a collective effort for people to learn about one another’s cultures and learn to respect their differences. If we all love and respect our fellow man to some degree, the human race as a whole will be “Better Off”. Humanity could progress leaps and bounds if different people and different nations across the globe could band together and form a sort of global standard of respect, peace, and love for one another. That’s what this song is all about. One Love

There are a few things that were unique to the recording process of Better Off. We had the pleasure and privilege of featuring our good friend and mentor Jonathan Jourdan from To Whom It May. All of those guys are like our big brothers and it was such an honor to be able to have Jonathan on the track. Another interesting thing about this song is that it has a “slide guitar” solo. The reason we put that in quotation marks is because it isn’t really a proper slide guitar solo. Nick used a Fender Telecaster and a Bic lighter to achieve that sound. We think it’s something special because it’s a way for us to pay homage to our Southern roots musically, and to do something you won’t hear very often from us. When we play the track live, Nick will usually borrow a lighter from some unsuspecting victim or grab a beer bottle, vape pen, or whatever else is in reach to use as a slide for the solo. We also have a few lines from a speech by Jane Elliot on racism. We had the pleasure of corresponding with her and personally getting her permission to include part of her speech. She is a very insightful and respectable human and we can’t thank her enough for giving us permission to use her powerful words.

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