Track By Tracks: AKIAVEL - Væ Victis (2021)

1. Frozen Beauties:

Olga and Ivanova Tamarin. Two cannibal killers. They seduced the men to take them home, butcher them and then eat them.

2. Bind Torture Kill:

Dennis Rader. He especially liked to strangle his victims before murdering them.

3. Zombie:

Jeffrey Dahmer. He injected acid into the brains of his surviving victims to turn them into a zombie.

4. Needles From Hell:

Albert Fish. One of the worst killers. He had all the vices put together.

5. Comrade:

Andreï Tchikatilo. An abominable monster. He has claimed more than 50 lives, mostly children… When I finished writing this text, I hugged my son very tightly, I almost had tears in my eyes… This song exists so that we don't forget these poor children…

6. Medium:

It's a police case elucidated by a medium: Debbie Malone. The victim was Maria Scott. The killer suicide after the crime. He appeared to the medium 4 years later.

7. The Lady Of Death:

My favorite… Aileen Wuornos. I know her story well. She had a terrible childhood. I have a lot of compassion for her. She's as touching as she is terrifying.

8. Pentagram Tattoo:

Richard Ramirez. The night stalker. Satan's surrogate. He said he obeyed his master when he committed crimes.

9. Mommy I’m Capable:

Ed Kemper. The story goes that it was the hatred for his mother that drove him to kill.

10. Matrimonial Advertisements:

Henri Désiré Landru. Because it's the French touch! After the First World War he seduced widows thanks to the matrimonial ads in the newspapers. He stole few pennies and he killed these women and burned them in his oven. The famous phrase that shocked everyone he said during his trial is in French in the song.

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