Track By Tracks: Conquerors - Stormbringer / Conquerors - Dawn Of War (2021)

Stormbringer is an album that deals with the art of war. It’s the same with Dawn of War so I won’t say the same things twice.

The lyrical themes are always the same : description of a battlefield, ideology of the black legions we sing about, … Nothing special, nothing new right ? It’s think it’s the worst way to talk about Conquerors since lyrics are the least interesting about us. Lyrics are written the day before the recording. The most important thing is to make that the vocals stick perfectly to the music I write. I work only on the rythm of the lyrics, the way of singing for each part of the song. Everything has to be extreme : screaming as loud and as long as I can. That’s why you got a thirty seconds scream at the end of the second song for exemple.

This idea is confirmed with the drums because we just want the listener to be left for dead at the end of the cd. It’s even more true during our live shows because we give no rest to the audience. I over use the lexical field of epicness of course. But the main idea is that we talk about war. Lyrics are only here for the vocals, the screams, the hate I vomit when I sing. So the listener can make it’s own idea of the song when he listens to it. We don’t have any message to spread. It’s only brutality and violence.

I like to talk about what’s in the head of a soldier. Even though I’ve never been in the military, but who cares ? It’s like a motivational speech, it’s pure fanatism. Moreover, our characters live in some medieval age, it’s dark fantasy. It could have been world war 2, but not. It’s a bastard mix beetween Warhammer 40k and Lord of the Rings.

Our music talks better than the lyrics written in the booklet. Anyway, who reads booklet nowadays when a youtube version is enough ? Haha

The character we use for our two last albums is the avatar of the energy and the violence we spread. It’s not a fucking mascot, it’s not our « Eddy ». He won’t have a story ever. He’s just bad ass. That’s all.

I don’t want people to waste time on the lyrcis. I want them to feel the music, the atmosphere of the album. That’s all.

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