Track By Tracks: Endless Chain - Forthcoming Past (2021)

1. Forthcoming Past:

Timo: The title song of the album and at the same time also the most epic song on the album. The opening speech song was recorded in the studio by my friend’s friend, a great gentleman from England, John Egerton. In the song you may hear some vibes from Amorphis and even from “Babylon” by Stratovarius. My friend Ari Hokkanen did the lyrics for this song, which also opens up the theme for the whole album. Ari did the lyrics for many other songs as well. Both singers performed great here; Ville Hovi sang pure vocals and Aki Salonen's roaring vocals complimented the song's mood and message.

2.They’re the Ones to Fall:

Timo: This song experienced perhaps the biggest changes from the demo version to the final studio version. Together with producer Aleksanteri Kuosa, we re-arranged the song. Also, the sound and maybe the song style was updated a bit. A true catchy metal rally.

3. Hold Out Hope:

Timo: This is perhaps the second epic song after the album’s title track. It’s a bit of a metal ballad, where the drums and vocals are really brought to the front. The song grows towards the end to a large extent and the rest is crowned by Sami Yli-Sirniö's great guitar solo. Melancholic with great emotions.

4. All of the Above:

Timo: The second last song I composed for the record. The song was built around a lead guitar chorus melody. After all, a pretty straightforward metal song with clean and roaring vocals and a big chorus.

5. A Letter:

Timo: This was the first song I composed for the record. The song was re-arranged a bit in the studio. This is one of the songs that might stand out a bit due to its own style. The song grows from a simple start towards a fierce end. Great interpretation and great singing from Mikko Heikkilä. Lyrics are the narration of emotions from one person to another.

6. Nothing More:

Timo: This was the last one, the drums had already been recorded at this point, so Samuli recorded the drums afterward in his own studio in Lahti. I like this song myself and I think it is one of the top three songs on the album. The song is catchy and maybe also touching, with great vocals by Ville Hovi & Aki Salonen and heavy guitars and drums.

7. Feel:

Timo: This is the only song on the album that has been released before. This is a duet song. The song was sung by my cousin Salla Sundberg together with Mikko Heikkilä. The song was already recorded in 2019, but the song fits well into the record, so we decided to take it along.

The song again has great emotions and melancholy.

8. The Wild One:

Timo: This is the black sheep song of the album. It definitely differs from the rest of the album’s style and sound, but was a clear choice from the start. The job title for this was “Pearl Jam”, maybe it has that type of vibes. This is the second song where Antti Kolehmainen played cello. The song is pretty clean sounding and full of casual feel.

9.Scars On Me:

Timo: The song is the most “rock” song on the album. A fast and catchy rally, a power song with great lyrics. Ville Hovi sang tight vocals. This is the second song that Sami Yli-Sirniö played the guitar solo.

10. The Memories:

Timo: I did this song in the studio with Aleksanteri. The idea was to make a new version of the old song “Behind the Dark Wall” and maybe update it to fit the record better. I had some vision of what it should sound like, but the version that ended up on the record is the third version of it. Eventually, it then became a whole new song. The song fits well as the last song on the album and Mikko Heikkilä made again a strong vocal performance.

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