Band Biographies: THE ALIVE

THE ALIVE is an American band from Fort Smith Arkansas formed in 2016.
Drummer Tracy Duty created THE ALIVE because he wanted to get back to playing in the style of old school rock vibe like all the bands he grew up listening to. Shorty after THE ALIVE started playing live in the local scene the band started gaining a strong local following due to the style and stage presence they were bringing back. It wasn’t much long after that THE ALIVE moved from local fan favorites to hitting the road making their mark regionally. As time went on and more shows were played the audience got bigger and notice was being made. THE ALIVE was nominated twice for best out of state band for the Tulsa Oklahoma music awards 2017 and 2018.
In late 2018 the original lineup changed due to musical differences and general road tiredness from being away from home so much. Tracy was still determined to keep THE ALIVE going and pushed forward. After a few more shows and a few more lineup changes the world of music came to a complete halt. When covid started Tracy found himself once again having to look for a new lineup. In came Wes Lee Scott on vocals and bass guitar as well as Tye Hall on guitar. With Wes and Tye, Tracy found something in common that made this complete. All three are huge fans of the band KISS and just like they did many years before Tracy, Wes, and Tye wanted to be the band they wanted to see on stage. On this strength and waiting for live music to begin again the three started writing and demoing some music which eventually led to THE ALIVE signing with SlipTrick Records on April 4th 2021. THE ALIVE will be entering the studio at the end of May with producer Dillon Taylor to begin recording their debut album under SlipTrick Records label tentatively titled Turned Up To Destroy which will be released later 2021. THE ALIVE is ready to show the world that Rock N Roll isn’t dead but very much alive.

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