Band Biographies: Inner Code

Italians Inner Code was born in the alleys of the ancient city of Florence, Italy, between the shadows of the monuments and the din of the locals. The band are united with just one purpose: translate our repressed emotions into music, the most angry and unspeakable ones; to fulfill the desire to tell those little-told stories, cruel but full of teachings. Each of them come from different musical genres, with metal uniting us all.

They have risen from the ashes of past bands, which have taken them to the darkest stages in Italy and now they return like a ‘new nightmare’. Those who grew up with electronics and those with hip-hop, each express his obscurity by putting it at the service of the band with the idea of creating something unique, drawing from their souls, from their Inner Code. They’ve chosen to sing in Italian (a genre that’s not sung in Italian), because they don’t want to leave anything unspoken and every chord must sound devastating together with every concept, without compromise.

There’s no pandemic that can stifle such universal anger. Are you ready for something new and deadly?

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