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What is more vile, morbid, disgusting, perverse, absurd and obscene than reality itself? The abysses of life are mind-shattering! Even before this truly “extraordinary” last year, the developments of societal engineering and global politics were shockingly disconcerting. 2020/21 seems like some cocaine-fueled fever-dream of irrationality and insanity and it is still gaining momentum and speed…

Setting out as a melo/folk black metal band (initially a one-man project of drummer/composer Simon) about introspection, reflecting journeys of personal darkness, buried layers of insanity and depression, paired with a pinch of nature romanticism and taking no political viewpoint, Klamm (like anyone else, who has not chosen their place in this world in eremitic solitude) finds themselves being progressively driven into a corner by the workings and dealings of an all-consuming globalist system of destruction. At least since the arrangements for the album “Ernte” (Harvest), our music had to become more political and socio-critical, without taking a partisan stance… we tell stories about our current society as we see it and rebel against the shackles restraining personal liberty.

Few but potent plutocrats seem completely anesthetized to empathy - deeply gangrened by psychopathological patterns of lust, greed, thirst for power and revenge and express their megalomaniac God complex with increasing audacity. The paralysis of the masses to rise up against their destructive system forms the contorted backbone of a steep downward spiral, cementing this weird age we named “Misanthropocene“.

Klamm’s upcoming opus takes several stabs at central concepts and junctions of the interlocking workings of politics, media, economy, militarism, etc., which conceptualize a dystopian future, that is already very near and tangible and could easily surpass every nightmare of visionary minds like Orwell, Huxley, Bradbury, Atwood and their peers. Besides pointing a searchlight onto some of the problems and delusions of this Brave New World we call today’s normalcy, we intersperse a brilliant archetype as a source of strength and humility: Death. This constant fixed star enables a free and fearless life for anyone willing to change their perception to this idea. It is the natural adversary to transhumanist, hubristic arrogance.

Klamm has no interest in Satan or God (however an honest middle finger is always generously offered towards fucking churches of lies and false hopes).

Wreathed in agnostic ethical valor and rationality, Klamm’s new album is a fearless, lidless stare into the darkness that is being vomited forth by the putrid grimaces of the elites.

With compositional ideas fermenting to their final form over more than a dozen years and texts and themes critically recapitulating impressions and developments of a similar time span, this album stands as an artistic statement commenting the first two decades of this century. The most recent developments since 2020 are not the subject matter of this album, since most recordings took place between 2018 – 2020.

The following album could turn its eye from a retrospective to the currently sore wounds of society and the forming shadows of the near future.

Klamm writes, plays and records/mixes/masters all music by themselves and played numerous live concerts with many prestigious acts and underground bands from small locations up to some renowned festivals, e.g. Metaldays 2015.

The artwork was created by Daniel Bechthold (inspired by the works of Z. Beksiński):

After a long break since the last album “Ernte” (due to personal and work-related reasons) and a change in the lineup (Aaron replaced Chris on one of the guitars), Klamm is ready to present their audience a fresh new brand of atmospheric and melodic blackened heaviness.

Klamm is:

Simon (drums, music, additional guitars, background vocals, “trumpet”, piano)
Peter (guitars)
Wolfgang (vocals, lyrics)
Andreas (bass)
Aaron (guitars, trumpet)

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