Behind The Artworks: Cult Of Scarecrow - Tales Of The Sacrosanct Man (2021)

The cover artwork is a unique piece of ‘dark’ art by Jean-Philippe Sonnet AKA Threadbare Artwork. This work is called ‘Among the Ghosts’. When we saw it for the first time we immediately knew it was the right cover for the album. It just feels right, it has this horrifying and threatening atmosphere. This devilish creature in the middle, with a goat skull as his head, the long red cape, his hands folded likes he’s praying. And then the poor, innocent little children around him: they are mesmerized by him. They seem to trust him but then again they fear him, too. You don’t know what he’s going to do with them, but you can sense he’s up to no good. He’s their teacher, their priest, their guardian, he’s everything they put their faith in, but he will abuse and take advantage of them. In that way, he’s our perfect Sacrosanct Man, the time traveler that pops up every now and then in history, misleading the people and causing nothing but suffering and misery. He’s got many faces, but we know who they are these days, don’t we?

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