Behind The Artworks: Grey Aura - Zwart Vierkant (2021)

"The album’s artwork was done by Amsterdam-based Dutch-Croatian artist Sanja Marusic (1991). The first time we saw her work was when our friend and artist/photographer Sven Signe den Hartogh expressed interest in helping us find a fitting art direction for the album. He showed us a few of Sanja’s works in a cafe. As soon as we saw this image, we knew we had to use it as our album cover. We contacted Sanja; she let us use it.

The artwork has a very southern, desertlike atmosphere. It is a surrealistic depiction of two human beings, possibly lovers. As they recline, they almost seem to fall backwards, slipping into a state of unconsciousness. We really loved the symbolism in the work and felt a strong connection with our own concept, which is centered around eroticism, abstraction and transgression."

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