Behind The Artworks: Ironbound - The Lightbringer (2021)

The Lightbringer is a song about the fate of Lucifer and that was the inspiration for the cover art. However, we didn’t want to present him in the classical form in which he is banished by God.

In our vision, Lucifer is the vanquisher who took the light from heaven to give it to humankind. The light is a symbol of holiness, eternal life, the superiority of order over chaos. But, his good-natured actions were selfishly driven by the will to gain power over the world. His plan and achieving the goal are long-term. That's why Lucifer is in a city set in the near future, where his kingdom is built on lies. Behind apparent order huge chaos is hidden. Lucifer dressed in a suit symbolizes the power and the evil that follows it.

Corrupted politics, mafia, soulless corporations, and people who have an impact on the whole world use their power in their own way caring only for their own good. The implants imitating filters in Lucifer’s face are a symbol that we bring ourselves to destruction, and ironically we are being led by a leader who smokes a cigarette for pleasure. Of course, Lucifer is the master of lies and he will be just fine, but a man who thinks selfishly poisons the environment and kills the world for money, power, and pleasure.

The broken gates of heaven symbolize the failure of good in the fight against evil, and the inscription on the gate, "Welcome to Hell" only confirms this fact. In all the chaos a new Ironbound album has just been released.

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