Behind The Artworks: Sandra Bullet - Somewhere In The Crowd (2021)

When choosing the cover for this album, I knew I had to include my former band members Ricardo and Eduardo. They helped compose the songs and recorded this album with me, so it was an easy decision. 

But I didn't just want to grab a picture from our last photoshoot as a band and use it as a cover; I wanted to do the same thing I did with our songs, to deconstruct them, and bring them to the next level. Add my own touch if you will, but keep it in line with the work we did together. 

I also wanted it to be in line with our sound. So I started experimenting with VHS- like filters to give the image an analogic and natural warm feel, just like our songs. 

Experimenting with those, I fell in love with the Chromatic aberration effect. There was something poetic about it. After all, there are three of us and there are three basic colors. Just as much as we did 15 songs and we met 15 years ago. It just felt right, and this album brought us together after years apart.  There are also some image splits and glitches, and that defines our differences. We all had very different influences and backgrounds, but that never got in our way. We always respected each other, and as a result we all have different favorite songs from this album.

I chose to include the small version of my logo, because the name of our band was "Silver Bullet". The album was released with my name (Sandra Bullet), since it was more of an independent production with Ricardo and Eduardo being invited guests on it, but having the same initials S and B, it ends up working both ways.

The title "Somewhere In The Crowd" was an easy decision, since we always agreed that this would be the name of our album, if we ever released one. It also has a deeper meaning to me: somewhere in the crowd one day, I saw a paper on a lamppost of a band asking for a lead vocalist. That was the beginning of my music career. And since this album is about my first compositions, my first steps in music, it makes a lot more sense now than it ever did then.

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