Behind The Tracks: Across The Dawn - Fade Into You (Single) (2021)

The song "Fade Into You" from Mazzy Star has always been a very special song to me. I just think it is absolutely beautiful and so perfectly written. I remember the first time it really connected with me was when my friend was playing it on I think a mixed CD he had during a very difficult time. Even though the song takes me back to that moment, it gives a sense of comfort and reminds me of my friend which puts a smile on my face.

We have never released a cover song before this one and have been thinking of doing one for a while. I thought this song would be perfect and had some ideas to recreate it in a different way while keeping the same feel and spirit of the original. We wanted to do something unique so we took the beautiful acoustic chord progression of the original and transferred it to synth and a clean guitar arpeggio using my Fender Jazzmaster. Shawn transformed the lead guitar line to using an ebow and created an ambience that carries throughout the song. Andrew came up with an electronic beat that fit really well and Alexis made the song pop out at you when the flowing bass line comes in. Even though we did some things differently, I think we were able to keep a similar atmosphere of the original song.

Originally, I was thinking of making a lyric video to go along with the release but ended up deciding to take that extra leap and just make a full music video. This is actually the first full music video I personally have ever created independently. We filmed it together along with the help of a friend and I did the editing. I thought it would be interesting to make the video both black and white and color. You don't see that done much and I think it gave it it's own feel by having the outdoor b roll scenes as color and the scenes of us performing in black and white. Since I am new to filmmaking and don't have much experience, doing this was also a way that I knew I could make the colors and scenes match up. I have always loved black and white and we use it a lot in our imagery. Doing it this way definitely created a feel that resembles us and the original. The interesting thing about this video is that we did not use any large expensive equipment to film it. It was filmed with my iphone, an app designed for filmmaking, a cheap stabilizer, and I also used a clip from a video I took a few years ago from another phone traveling down the highway in Arizona. Doing this song and video was a great experience and is something we will always have to look back on.

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